Sunday, October 31, 2010

Appreciate Everything

Aunt Ruth has taught me many lessons during the years of photographing her for loving aunt ruth.  I have asked her for advice on subjects ranging from how to make a brisket to staying the course when life continues to challenge me.  

Aunt Ruth has lost her husband, siblings, and her children. She offers her wisdom of experience with compassionate understanding.  Her perpetual refrain, "appreciate everything," seems generic.  Not much of an "aha moment." is surely easy for me to forget the simplicity of appreciation.  

As I write, I am staring into the Pacific Ocean, and I am thinking of just how lucky I am to have picked up my camera and asked Aunt Ruth if I could photograph her, because in between all her parties, hair appointments, doctor appointments, and neighbor visits, were the quiet times when a wise woman leaned back to share thoughts with an eager listener.

I will be home soon and can't wait to hear more from Aunt Ruth, but for now, I am certain she will be thrilled to know that I definitely appreciate everything.

Thanks, Aunt Ruth, for the reminder.


  1. Honey, Thank you for this gentle but clear reminder to appreciate everything. The everyday practice of gratitude can add layers of richness in our lives. It can sustain us in difficult times, bring joy for ourselves and others around us, and give depth to all our endeavors. You are a beautiful living example of this. Thanks for the blogpost and thank you for Loving Aunt Ruth. k

  2. Such a wonderful reminder to practice presence and gratitude for all the good life has to offer. The lessons in grace and gratiousness that Aunt Ruth has taught will prove invaluable!!!

  3. I love this. I have really been thinking about ways to make the month of November a bit more special for my children and this really went along with my thoughts perfectly. I need to really focus on appreciating everything more often. Thanks!