Monday, April 30, 2012

"What's So Funny?"

As talks with our book's agent heat up and queries are made, I find myself wistful about this photographic odyssey.  I spent years on an Amish project, even more time taking pictures of women and the things they carry in their bras, purses, pants, pockets, and hands, as well as several years with talented ephemeral artists. I love being a photographer.

One of the reasons I take pictures is to keep what I am photographing with me forever.  This is childish, but I got this crazy idea from losing my Dad when I was three.  His photographs breathed, gave him immortality.  I started to love Aunt Ruth with my camera in response to my oldest sister moving away from me.  It was really that simple.  I couldn't lose anyone else who watched over me.

This picture was taken at Aunt Ruth's 92nd birthday, and in two weeks, she will be 93.  I don't think she ever really thought my pictures would turn into a book, but she never laughed at me.  She did what elders are supposed to do.  She supported my idea, praised the progress, and told me I was great.  She loves me unconditionally.

And, so far, I was right about taking pictures.  She is still with me.

Photography is magic!  Aunt Ruth and I say, "Go take some pictures!"

(I would like to thank all those who love this blog and Aunt Ruth.  As she has said many times, "The will to live comes from loving people."  Happy 93rd Birthday, my always loving Aunt Ruth.)