Friday, March 22, 2013

Everything Tastes Better Shared

Passover is about optimism, rebirth, and faith.

Here is what I learned from the many Seders shared with Aunt Ruth and her friends:

1.  Dress beautifully-this is the Greatest Generation of men and women who do not leave the house without looking their best, so forget that this night is about slouching and being casual!
2.  Listen when others are speaking-remember that while it is tempting to interrupt, you learn more when you pay attention.
3.  Encourage storytelling-if you are lucky enough to have so much wisdom on either side of you, ask questions.  
 4.   Take pictures.  You will want to remember this wonderful night, and it is nice to send the photos to the guests as memories.

Aunt Ruth believed that everything tastes better when it is shared.  May your Passover surround you in love.