Monday, September 3, 2012


I just returned from Connecticut and sorting through my recently deceased sister's universe of things.  As you might imagine, the process of sifting through a lifetime of letters, photographs, perfumes, and earrings is not an easy one.

Which brings me to Aunt Ruth....of course.  Aunt Ruth never disappoints with her concise and precise wisdom.  Yesterday, I visited Aunt Ruth who despite feeling more tired at 93, despite feeling her own sorrow over losing her nieces, my sisters, and despite burying many friends and her own siblings, greeted me with a hug, laughter, and the need to mark our calendars for sharing the upcoming Jewish holidays.  She has already made the kreplach.

Imagine having so much love and life experience on which to rely?  I am quite fortunate.

This visit ended with Aunt Ruth holding my head gently in her hands and saying, "Honey, things change."

Fortunately, for me, Aunt Ruth's love hasn't.

It is our hope, that Loving Aunt Ruth and this blog inspire you to reach out to your own Aunt Ruth or become someone else's Aunt Ruth, because....well....things change, and when they do, love keeps us whole.