Saturday, November 15, 2014

Give Love for the Holidays

Aunt Ruth appreciated doing one thing at a time and keeping things simply focused.

I hope you will consider giving Loving Aunt Ruth as a Christmas or Hanukah gift to someone you love. If you do, I will give you something, because that IS the Aunt Ruth way of life!

Email me at confirming your purchase with either Amazon or Atlas books, for a PDF of 24 never-been-published recipes from Aunt Ruth’s collection.

“Everything tastes better shared,” said Aunt Ruth. 

Please consider sharing her recipes for living well and let me know which of her ingredients for eating well are YOUR favorites. My son said that anyone who receives Loving Aunt Ruth knows they are loved by the giver! 

Love is Delicious!  Serve it up this Holiday Season!  
Eat, drink, and be Merry!  
L'Chaim to Latkes for Love!

(In Aunt Ruth’s spirit of giving, a portion of every sold book is donated to