Monday, October 25, 2010

Precious Objects

Aunt Ruth moved from the house she loved more than 20 years ago and decisions were made about what to leave behind, as her husband and she moved to an apartment.  Today, I watch as she goes through her things deciding whether the library would want her books, a neighbor might need a serving piece, or a relative would treasure her baby shoes.  (Yes, I would be that niece.)

Aunt Ruth is currently busy culling her favorite pumpkin pie recipes, so please don't get the idea she's packing the final suitcase, but she is showing me the importance of tidying up, keeping what is useful while understanding that it is nice to see what mattered to you matter to someone else.  It is quite a lovely behavior to observe and adopt.

This weekend, I channeled for my inner Aunt Ruth.  My niece was visiting me from New York, and I gave her the watch my mother had given to me.  I like knowing that she has it, and I am grateful for Aunt Ruth's role modeling  that informed my own desire to "pass on" and "let go."  It is a good lesson.

Thanks, Aunt Ruth.  


  1. To let go of your objects is to have faith in the power of your memories.

    Somehow I breathed a little easier after reading this.

    Thanks Honey.

  2. This really did make me.. appreciate everything!
    Thanks Honey.. and of course Aunt Ruth!

  3. The life lessons are truly inspiring. Nice to think that what matters to me..might actually matter to someone else...and that what matters to someone else might actually hold real meaning to me!!!