Friday, October 8, 2010

Always A Baby

My Aunt Ruth and I are the third born children of three in each of our families, which means, we are the babies in the family.  This explains why my mother never stopped reminding me to send a "thank you note," brush my teeth, or dress warmly.  For too many of my adult years, I resented my mother's reminders, and I won't mention the scoldings, but as I aged, I settled into enjoying the role of being her baby.  My older siblings might suggest I liked the role a little too much.

My mom has been gone for 9 years, and her baby sister has stepped up to the plate to let me know if my letters have typos, my sense of direction needs adjusting, or to drive carefully on my way home from seeing her.  (I live 45 minutes away from my beloved aunt.)

There is a very good chance that my own grown sons could add paragraphs about the advice they endure from me, but the point I wanted to make today is that I am deeply grateful to be Aunt Ruth's baby.  May the rest of you babies out there, and you know who you are, be glad to have a shoulder on which to rest.

Thank you Aunt Ruth for taking good care of me.

The wonderful photograph of Aunt Ruth and me was taken by the very talented Elizabeth Glorioso,


  1. This is such a lovely..and loving portrait of you and your aunt Ruth. I'm the eldest - all every way - so never have experienced being the 'baby'. Must be kind of its own way.

  2. I agree, this is a very lovely portrait of you and your Aunt Ruth. I've never lived near my extended family, so never felt very connected to my aunts and uncles or cousins, although I did usually get to visit once a year. You're very lucky to have a loving aunt so close.

  3. aunt ruth and i thank you for the compliment on the portrait. she has north light in her bedroom which is a treasure. as is she...