Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Just Too Busy Right Now

Another holiday season is upon us, and just when I wanted to gasp, sigh, and whine, I thought of Aunt Ruth.  At 91, she is still spending most of her days in her kitchen going through her collection of recipes to find just the right ones to prepare for friends.  That's right....for friends.   She has several dinner and lunch dates in her apartment during the week, and if a dear one can't make it to her place, she brings the meal. 

I find myself saying the same thing that I have been hearing all to often; "I'd love to, but I am so busy right now."  Aunt Ruth has never been too busy for her family or her friends which is probably why she had 165 people at her 90th birthday party.

Of course, I have more than 165 friends on Facebook.  Right?  One of the many lessons I have learned from Aunt Ruth is the importance of socializing, caring, listening, and, yes, cooking and serving with love.

I hope to make her proud this Thanksgiving.  If you'd like to send a message to Aunt Ruth, please leave your comment on this blog.  She does read this!

Back to the kitchen....


  1. Just make sure to brine the turkey, she''ll be proud.

  2. I'd like to look through that recipe box with Ruth in a few weeks! Looks like a treasure trove! One (Canadian) Niece

  3. It's late and falling asleep has been a little hard lately. Reading your blog and the gentle stories might make me sleepy in the nicest way. Thanks for the lovely path being woven on your blog. I will be back. Good night.

  4. You're an inspiration to us all!! Lessons to be learned about finding time for the most important things in life. And you have any fantastic Thanksgiving side-dish recipes???

  5. for all recipe requests, please send your postal address to my email,, and aunt ruth will send you a recipe! thanks...