Sunday, November 14, 2010


On a quiet Sunday, I am looking over the hundreds of images taken over the years to comprise, Loving Aunt Ruth, and I find myself coming back to this photo array.  These unobtrusive frames hold Aunt Ruth's mother, her husband, her children, cousins, great nieces, great-great nieces, and her siblings.  They welcome a visitor's gaze and even questions, but they are on display as reminders of what matters most to Aunt Ruth not necessarily to arouse curiosity.   Her family is and always has been the most important part of her life.

I have referenced this technological age with more friends on Facebook than any of us really know,and I think that the family photo might be at risk for living only on a computer rather than in plain view.  Aunt Ruth's choice of interior accessory, her family, has kept me connected to many sweet memories that I might have forgotten without those tiny framed reminders.

As  the holidays approach, I think of the maxim, "Never forget who brought you to the dance."  Or as Maya Angelou said, "Never forget that you've been paid for."  Aunt Ruth has definitely brought me to the dance.  She has taught me the importance of remembering all who "paid for me" along with all the laughter, recipes, and Sabbath candles we have shared.

I think I'd better dust off some of my own framed loved ones before I open the doors for this year's Thanksgiving dinner.  Aunt Ruth is bringing the pumpkin pie.  I will be taking photos.

We will remember this year for sure, but we will also mention those missing from our table as well.

Please leave a comment here for Aunt Ruth.

Happy Thanksgiving....take pictures and print them!


  1. Print our photos? What a novel concept! Thanks for the reminder - we take so many images and never print them. Someday we'll have to come visit and enjoy Aunt Ruth's pumpkin pie... we'll get Keron to join us as well! Thanks for the memories and the motivation to keep our memories alive.

  2. I love what you are doing. Will return to catch up on your words

  3. What a wonderful collection of family memories. And - it's so true. We shouldn't ever forget who brought us to this this place on this earth in this time. Beautiful..and inspiring!!!!

  4. Honey, I totally understand what you mean about our family photos only being on a computer. When I go to my grandparents house, I feel like I'm stepping back into time, where photos of ALL family members are very proudly displayed on every wall and every surface of the house. My grandfather was a professional photographer for years and I love seeing all the photographs from when he was younger and all the family I never got to meet. I really wish sometimes that the computer age would slow down so we can cherish the old times.

  5. What a fantastic reminder to print our photos! I have been working on getting a group photo of my children and have finally settled on one. I'm about to upload it and order copies for myself and the grandparents. I'm glad I am doing that, but I need to print more photos than just one time a year. I need to plaster my walls with them!
    I have a letter sitting on my windowsill that needs to be mailed to you. Does it count if I wrote it two weeks ago? :) Talk to you soon.

  6. Our family has a singular photograph that has become the iconic Waltzer family image. It is the group photo of my Aunt Sylvia's wedding (1952), with Sylvia (and George) surrounded by her 6 brothers, sister and all spouses and children (my cousins), and front and center- my paternal grandparents. Everyone in the family has a copy of this print, and when my mother and Aunt Sylvia (two of the remaining three sisters, sisters-in-law) moved into their shared "suite" at The Bristal Assisted Living, I framed a 24"x30" version to hang in their entry foyer.

    The photo you posted of the collected photos is one of my favorite in your project! I am reminded to attend Thanksgiving dinner with camera in one hand, (and glass of wine in the other!). Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Enjoy!