Thursday, September 30, 2010


Stories are told in various ways.  Aunt Ruth and I are ladies who had charm bracelets.  On hers was her baby ring replete with teething marks along with trinkets from years of travel with her beloved husband who is now deceased.  My mother bought mine.  (note the bee hive)  My mom brought me a little charm from her travels along with a couple that marked some of my childhood milestones; confirmation and learning to drive.  They are all dear, and I always knew it.  Fourteen karat gold and kept in a special box to this day, but their value to me outweighs monetary measure.

I spent the night with Aunt Ruth, photographed the story telling, and listened to the charmed tales emanating from her golden goodies.  I left with her baby ring.   My gift from her history.

Aunt Ruth has sold the gold, but the memories will linger in my photographs and heart.  Thanks to Aunt Ruth, I am keenly aware of the many ways to remember.


  1. Honey,
    Thank you for this post. I recently found my own charm bracelet, and what memories it stirred.
    Whether silver or gold, what it brought back was priceless.

  2. Charm bracelets are like little memory chains we wear around our wrists. Mine came thru my mother. Her father added a new charm everytime he travelled. Now - the bracelet belongs to my daughter...and hopefully will be her daughter's someday as well.
    Thank-you for reminding me of this little treasure!

  3. I still have my charm bracelet! Love it dearly.

  4. I love the photo of Aunt Ruth and the charm bracelet. I've always loved the photo of just the charm bracelet for "Keeping Track" (a project of yours that has really inspired me) but the one with Aunt Ruth is really amazing. I love the composition and the detail in the wrinkles of her hands.