Thursday, September 9, 2010

Honey Cake and Breaking the Fast

With the honey cake in the oven, early morning is spent looking ahead to Yom Kippur and breaking the fast.  Just when I thought that having grown children exempted me from cooking, Aunt Ruth has taught me that sharing holidays makes them sweeter.  She is right, of course.

Photographing Aunt Ruth for Loving Aunt Ruth is teaching me how to live fully.  Aging is a universal experience, so the separation between the photographed and the photographer seems quite blurred these days as appreciation deepens.  Aunt Ruth and I hope that you are enjoying this project and are inspired to call some friends, have a gathering, and enjoy this day.

We appreciate all comments left here or on Facebook.  Thanks, honey and Aunt Ruth


  1. I love this series!!! Honey cake sounds so yummy! What a treasure!

  2. You have clearly shown your deep affection and respect for Aunt Ruth, who, although I met briefly I remember well. You are blessed Honey. To have your aunt and to be able to document her life, which I am sure enriches your relationship with her. I wish I could have done this with my mother but I felt to close to the situation to be able to record it visually. Some people cant photograph their close family. I am one of those. Keep on with this. Its a book in the making.