Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Could Have, Would Have, Should Have....

Aunt Ruth and I have blogged a lot about the importance of friends...hers!   I haven't mentioned how much getting to know her friends has meant to me.  The women on each side of Aunt Ruth are all in their nineties, and last night, I had the honor of photographing the birthday queen, Jean, as she celebrated her 90th birthday with her family and life-long friends.  

Jean is an accomplished baker, pianist, singer, and all-around pal.  See that smile on her face?  She has it all the time, and it generates a similar response in those who know her.  I would never have crossed her path without picking up my camera to photograph Aunt Ruth, and oh how much I would have missed.

Without a doubt, my life is surely better (and more fattening) from spending time with Aunt Ruth and her welcoming friends, so here's to the 90's, friends, family, and the joy of being behind the lens.

I left the party far sooner than the rest of the dancing guests, but I will never forget the tributes, the tunes, or the collective wisdom on that dance floor.  

I think I will call a friend....


  1. Fabulous! Love the image of Jean in her tiara.

  2. Hmmmm....what would my life be without my friends? Less fulfilled, I am sure. When I was younger I felt I needed to have lots of friends - so many have come and gone. I now treasure the friends I have, fewer than in the past but truer, I must admit. Aunt Ruth continues to inspire me. Hopefully I, too, will have dear friends to dance with should I be lucky enough to see 90! And to my dear friend, thank you for sharing Aunt Ruth. Let's make a pact to dance till dawn when we, too, are 90!!

  3. So inspiring - really and truly!! To be that healthy and happy and vibrant and in the 90's!! Something we all aspire to be..THANK-YOU!!!

  4. What a great post. So great to see all of these gracious ladies enjoying each others' friendship. :)

  5. I am an aunt. Have my friends, worn a tiara only hope to earn it in years to come. Thanks for honoring aunts.