Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Let it Grow....

Summer solstice. Produce stands.  Aunt Ruth's terrace!  That's the place I go when I long for companionship that is nurturing and easy. 

Like you, I read about aging and the importance of socialization as if this need is more important to "the elderly" than to the "rest of us."  One of the many lessons I have learned from photographing, listening to, eating with, and enjoying Aunt Ruth is that my life is richer, happier, and more meaningful from time spent with Aunt Ruth.  

At 92, Aunt Ruth is often grieving from the loss of a neighbor or a life-long friend.  I share my own worries about loved ones.  She listens, nods, smiles, and offers lessons from a well-lived life.  We comfort each other.  We sit on the terrace covered in carefully tended flowers and enjoy casual conversation with a tenderness born from unconditional love that soothes and warms.

I even take a short nap.  Aunt Ruth watches me sleep.

Ah, summer.  Ah, Aunt Ruth! 


  1. I love how you convey your relationship with aunt Ruth, it makes me feel as if I am sitting with you .. 'meaningful life' is the only way to live life isn't it? Thanks so much as always, I am always inspired xx

  2. I feel more relaxed having just read your post Honey. Wish I could hang out with Aunt Ruth on her terrace too. You make a great point about us seeing the importance of honoring our elders as if it has very little to do with us... it has everything to do with us all...bridging the gap with love until we are at the place where our elders are now. Thank you again for bringing such beauty to the summer solstice.

  3. I would love to spend some time with Aunt Ruth. I have always been inspired by friendships with women who are much older than I am. I love to listen to their experiences, their wisdom and point of view. There is so much to learn, share - and laugh together (always important).

  4. Such a beautiful relationship. Just reading about an afternoon spent on the terrace with her - talking..sharing..consoling..loving - gives me a sense of peace!!!