Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Somewhere to Run to; Somewhere to Hide

I have been asked what lesson I learned from Aunt Ruth that changed me. 

 "I accept that life isn't easy.  I have my faith, but mostly I have a will to live, and that will comes from loving people."

This post is a reminder that lessons fade.  I forget that life isn't easy, until life reminds me.  I forget about my spirituality or the solace of faith, and then a close friend dies unexpectedly, and I look for guidance.  I find myself hurt, disappointed, or at odds with someone's perspective that differs from my own, and I harken back, time and time again to the importance of loving people.  

Aunt Ruth is my island, my beacon, and my map.  Her 92 years hold recipes filled with ingredients to make life meaningful, sweeter, and acceptable even when it holds illness, arguments, bad news, financial woes, or a dinner party that has me seated next to someone with political views I abhor.

If you have your own Aunt Ruth, I know how lucky you are.


  1. My Aunt Ruths are all gone. I appreciate sharing yours.

  2. What a beautiful reminder!
    I don't have an Aunt Ruth, but during the course of my life I had a few older friends who let me share so much of their wisdom. These women are the ones who left the biggest impression in my life.
    Honey, I simply LOVE the picture of you and Aunt Ruth. She is amazing and you're both beautiful.

  3. wise, elegant women both...
    with love and thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful sentiment...

  5. I've received joy by continuing to check-in with you and Ruth. The stories are touching and so heartfelt. I had several special aunts and now I too try to be equally special as an aunt. Life lessons from all directions!

  6. I think what I've learned in my 51 years... is not to only treasure your Aunt Ruth, but to become an Aunt Ruth for someone in your circle. :)

    Lovely post and great photos.