Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Worth Repeating

In the last 48 hours, I watched as over 700 photographers became a part of a movement to donate some of their work in order to raise money through auction to aid Japan.  The posts repeated this refrain, "Thank you for the opportunity to help."  Aline Smithson, creator of www.lenscratch.blogspot.com and Crista Dix at Wallspace Gallery and others worked tirelessly to offer us the chance to make a difference. (see http://lifesupportjapan.blospot.com)

I am reminded of the day I asked Aunt Ruth how she stayed determined during a life of joy and tremendous loss.  She said, "My faith helps me, but I accept that life isn't easy.  You must have a will to live, and that will comes from loving people."



  1. Too true. I am seeing many of my college students- and not only the japanese ones -getting very creative in how they could help. I have a blogger friend who has reconnected with a family there who had housed her and is now finding housing for them in Boston. The desire to reach out to strangers is a healthy one, one we should always remember as it's what we would appreciate most for ourselves.

  2. So true..and so inspiring. Following recent news events - it's hard to maintain hope and faith!

  3. Thanks for the shot in the arm, my friend. We NEED it. And we need more people like you and Aunt Ruth. I'm grateful.