Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2.5 months till 92....but who's counting?

There were three of us photographers working at The Ninetieth birthday party 2 years ago this May.  These are some of the moments captured by the talented, Sarah Balch.  I'm in the orange jacket with the black-and-white film camera doing the final shots for loving aunt ruth.  Three photographers are required when the hostess invites 165 guests!  I've said this before, but I don't even know that many people except in a virtual way on Facebook!

With Aunt Ruth's 92nd birthday approaching, I am reminded that this project began with a party and ended with a party, but loving Aunt Ruth will never end.  When I asked Aunt Ruth if I could photograph her for a long-term endeavor, she said, "Sure, I'll have a tea party, so you can meet some of my friends."  

She continues to teach me the importance of her daily mantra which I am in the mood to repeat.  "I accept that life is not easy.  You must have a will to live, and that will comes from loving people.  Aunt Ruth has friends of all ages, ethnicities, abilities,and sizes.   She does love them all.  Tea parties, Seders, Cocktail Parties, Hanukah, Birthday Parties, and...the will to live comes from loving and sharing that love.  She does.  She does.

I'm trying...


  1. Aunt Ruth (a fabulous looking dame, by the way) is very lucky to have you, Miss Honey!!

    Everyone should have an Aunt Ruth to inspire and teach them, and everyone should be so lucky as to have a Honey to appreciate and document their wonderfulness!!


  2. So inspiring - to be (almost) alive. Happy Birthday Aunt's wishing you many many more!