Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loving Aunt Ruth is Easy

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Valentine's Day is an ideal time to share another page of the forthcoming, Loving Aunt Ruth.  Aunt Ruth has given her unconditional love to so many, and at 92 1/2, as she likes to say, she is still sharing her compassion.  Whenever our time together ends, we hug and say, "Forever."  

My husband and I started a tradition when our children were small of saying "Good night.  I love you," every single night.  Okay, most nights.  With our children grown and living away, the tradition has distilled into the acronym, GNILY, as our way of ending phone calls and visits.  Definitely, a ritual that gets the Aunt Ruth Seal of Love Approval!

Aunt Ruth and I would love to know what you do.  Tell us your love story!  

Happy Valentine's Day....love, honey and Aunt Ruth


  1. I say "I love you" to my husband and son at least once a day and yes, always at night. We have raised our son to be comfortable saying "I love you" and at 13, he naturally tells us as well as his grands. We all need to hear it and never take it for granted.

    I love you xo

  2. I always told my grandkids "I love you to the moon and back." They repeat back to me "I love you, Amie, to the sun and back." My response, "That's a heap a lot of love." Now that my one gradson is 14 and a bit embarassed to say "I love you." in front of his friends he parts with "To the moon and back, Amie." It makes my heart swell! Happy Valentine's Day to all!

  3. Oh..I'm very late for Valentine's Day. But - I do love your traditions! Always so inspiring!