Friday, February 8, 2013

Daddy Cake

Let's offer your followers a Valentine's Day recipe. 
That's easy!   My Dad said, "Nothing tastes better
than Daddy Cake," and my mother made it for him
every Friday.

I love this photo of Aunt Ruth admiring a cake from one of our many shared holidays.  She is still recovering from her autumn challenges, but she hasn't lost a step when it comes to loving her friends and family.  Aunt Ruth and I relish reminiscing about her children, my grandparents, cousins, and my sisters. These talks always include what my grandmother, my mother, or she cooked.  Photos and recipes blanket her recovery room, and you can almost smell the love.  You know the book, Love, Loss, and What I Wore?  My family should change the last part to What I Ate!

When Loving Aunt Ruth finds its publisher (yes, we remain hopeful!), there will be many recipes from which to choose.  After all, this is a story about love, and in my family love is spelled, f-o-o-d!

Until the book release, Aunt Ruth wants you to have her mother's recipe for Daddy Cake.  After all, it's Friday, so she hopes you'll make it for someone you love!


  1. Oh my... now I am hungry for cake! (Good thing you included the recipe....)

    Happy Valentine's to you and Aunt Ruth!

  2. as someone who loves to reminisce with loved ones, I can relate to this completely - happy Valentine to both of you - lots of love.

  3. Honey, I know the perfect recipient for this recipe ;-)

    I am working on the number you gave me...I did not forget. Enjoy your week-end. Hugs to you for all the sweetness you always send my way.

    A big hug to aunt Ruth too :-)

  4. Thank you Aunt Ruth for another wonderful recipe and story. I'm sure this one will (very soon) become a favorite in our household.


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  6. I often wish I'd spent more time reminiscing with my dad and grandparents who are now gone. Your posts are a lovely reminder on how important family is. That cake is making me very hungry. :0)

  7. Thanks for sharing the recipe for Daddy Cake. Sending sweet deliciousness to you and Aunt Ruth on V-day. XOa

  8. Aaaah - of course. What would love be without food?? A little late here visiting and commenting...but wanted to say how much I enjoyed the story. Hoping you find a publisher soon!!!