Monday, January 10, 2011

I'll Show You Mine

Aunt Ruth loves to have young people in her house, and this past weekend, my youngest son and I spent a glorious day with her.  Of course, it starts with a great deli sandwich (on rye, of course) includes a good pickle, lots of laughs, followed by comfortable conversation.

My son is showing Aunt Ruth his pictures, and as you can see, they are on his phone.  She offered to show him hers.   "I don't think young people appreciate pictures like these anymore.  They are like show-and-tell when we were in school.  I show you a picture and tell you the story."

I'm not offering a judgement on photo storage, but I can assure you that without the albums, our family would not be as rich in story.  

We are grateful to Aunt Ruth for keeping us all by her side for another round of family history...  and for the sandwich!  May you be inspired to hang out with some of your elders and listen to their life tales, but if you can't stay for the show, at least enjoy a sandwich.


  1. so true about albums, I think they are still the best, what a great Aunt!

  2. This is wonderful. I agree that we need to have photos in books. It's how my parents like to see them. I will have to catch up with it this year. Your son is very handsome:)

  3. It is so interesting to see how the different generations store their photographs. I remember at university being in a History of Photography lecture and our teacher asked how much of us had a photograph in our wallet .. there were four of us, all over the age of 40 or near abouts. Then she asked how many of us had photographs on our phones, everyone did. I do both but there is nothing like the tactile feel of a photograph. I can really relate to the picture of aunt Ruth with the album, you can create a story and a feel to a story much more intimately this way ..
    I am glad you had a good day with Aunt Ruth and I am really happy you shared it :)

  4. My husband 's grandmother is 97 and I handle all her medications and such. Every other week I visit her to dispense the meds in a Dosett. We have had many nice moments during these times. She loves to tell her stories :-)

  5. I love the old family albums! My mom left me one of her childhood in the 1920's in Berlin. Such a treasure. Oh yes, and a sandwich has to be rye - what else??

  6. Love how you've shown the differences in different life is today for our kids than it was for our parents. And - we all need 'albums' to preserve and tell our stories!