Monday, August 30, 2010

Aunt Ruth and Me

This is me in my dad's darkroom which was built in 1950.  My father died in 1954, and we moved away from this house 3 years later.  The new owners were photographers, so they kept my dad's darkroom in tact.  Wasn't that lucky?
My good friend, the talented Elizabeth Glorioso, took this photograph of me.

I spent much of my youth looking at my dad's pictures and grew up believing that taking pictures of everyone in my life would keep them close.  I haven't changed my mind, so it was natural for me to begin photographing Aunt Ruth not only to get to know her better but to make certain my children and their children would remember her.  Hats off to my dad for leading the way.

May these posts inspire you to discover your way of remembering.

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  1. Honey, great work! Please keep it up and allow us to know more about Aunt Ruth. She's a light for all. K